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    • IOS Coins 14999 K
      IOS Coins 14999 K
      £ 76.28
    • IOS Coins 29998 K
      IOS Coins 29998 K
      £ 152.10
    • IOS Coins 44997 K
      IOS Coins 44997 K
      £ 227.47
    • IOS Coins 59996 K
      IOS Coins 59996 K
      £ 302.38
    • IOS Coins 74995 K
      IOS Coins 74995 K
      £ 376.84
    • IOS Coins 149990 K
      IOS Coins 149990 K
      £ 751.43
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    • 4545454
      12  12/13 17:02
    • Ordered 14999k on ios fifa 15 2 days ago and not received it. Ordered 2 other 1499k orders also but got them within minutes. Can you chase this up please? Player is Barbosa team name HalfyardFC only got 20 hours left form 3 days now.
      Tom Halfyard  12/23 06:37
    • 999k, really worth the price, slow delivery though, would definitely buy again
      James Royle  07/18 09:39
    • We purchased 14,000,000 coins on the 18th April for £24.92 Receipt Number 4830-8945-7051-5894 Still not received the point. When ca we expect them as the transfer was only for 3 days
      Russ Evans  04/21 15:13
    • Great service recived coins in 5 mins
      dan sp  03/21 23:38
    • Guys dont but here i bought coins 2 hours ago and i didnt get em!
      Marcus  03/05 01:54
    • Give me my 500k I have been waiting for 7 hours if I do not get it within 24hours I will call the Police for scamming
      Joseph Hurworth  03/01 01:10
    • I have ordered 1500k 30 minutes ago and still haven't got them can you email me and my team name is The Toffies ive put up Aaron Lennon From Everton for 3 days starting price 16,250 so can u try and buy him soon as possible plz
      Georeg Willaim Dickey  02/22 00:09
    • Scamming cheating scumbags! Nearly a week since I purchased and nothing! They don't communicate, I've had to open a PP dispute! Avoid this site
      Mark hamilton  02/20 02:36
    • Finally after 4 days waiting my sons coins arrived 10 mins ago! Have closed dispute on PayPal now!
      Sharon Marshall  02/18 04:57
    • Nearly a month still havnt got my 15 million coins, complete joke spent a lot of money on these coins...will be reporting this site for thief !!!!
      Brian mcateer  02/17 05:36
    • I ought coins and did not recive them ( 1 hour after purchase)
      Cameron Phillips  02/17 02:32
    • Getting ridiculous putting a case on paypal been waiting a day and a half
      jordan alexander  02/16 19:47
    • Really annoyed bought coins for my son on Saturday morning 14/2 and they still have not been sent iv commented on live chat and nobody has replied& sent emails to them also& no reply.has this happened to anyone else? If so has anyone disputed this?
      Sharon Marshall  02/16 16:15
    • Where r my coins been waiting an hour, where r they
      Frankie fenton  02/15 06:43
    • Hi bought 1500k coins for ps3, 7hrs ago& still yet to receive them iv also emailed you and had no reply please advise?
      Sharon Marshall  02/15 02:34
    • Can I have my 600k please been waiting for ages team name Hech FC player is hummels
      Glen carpenter  02/14 17:17
    • Can I have my 600k please been waiting for ages team name Hech FC player is hummels
      Glen carpenter  02/14 17:17
    • Ordered coins nearly 48hours ago still nothing is this site for real or is someone being a wanker Not a happy customer
      Brian mcateer  02/04 19:00
    • Hello im brought my coins yesterday it says on your website will recieve coins within 30 minuted of you getting the money I brought 500k I listed fred friday start price 150 my club name is gunners
      Michael Barlow  01/31 20:32
    • i ordered 1m been eating for about 6 and a 1/2 hours still haven't got it team name Hench FC player is Daley Blind
      26678678878  01/26 03:34
    • I am very dissapointed with this website. I bought 10000k coins for the iOS 2 days ago and I haven't got them yet. I have been to this website a few times now and all the other times was fine. A customer shouldn't have to wait 2 days for some coins when it says most of the orders come within 5/30 mins. I hope you will read this and get back to me.
      Jack biscoe  01/19 01:39
    • Still haven't got my 800k after nearly 24 HOURS
      Ishrat Modan  01/18 16:35
    • Don't buy waiting 4 hours haven't got the it's a joke
      Kee  01/18 08:43
    • Can someone tell me if I have to list the player up before or after I finished the payment and what is their number
      John keeble  01/17 01:13
    • Can someone tell me if I have to list the player up before or after I finished the payment and what is their number
      John keeble  01/17 01:13
    • Can someone tell me if I have to list the player up before or after I finished the payment and what is their number
      John keeble  01/17 01:12
    • Plz help my order is 20150114400365 help plz I listed klose my team name is the beasts 2 million coins I bought 43 pounds plz help
      Ali al balushi  01/14 21:59
    • I've ordered my coins and I haven't received them
      leslie smith  01/14 00:33
    • worst coin website ever do not buy they are scammers
      jamie smith  01/08 03:33
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